Source: The Straits Times, 4 September 1961, p. 16

We are all Singaporeans, from diverse backgrounds, who have increasingly grown disillusioned with the PAP’s governance of this country. This website and our Twitter page are our way of contributing to changing the discourse and status quo so that we, the people, may one day live in a freer, fairer, and more democratic society.

If we choose to remain anonymous for the time being, it is because the entire history of PAP-Singapore, from Operations Coldstore and Spectrum to the relentless persecution of opposition figures like JBJ and Dr. Chee, serves as a painfully poignant reminder of the heavy price of dissent.

Nevertheless, we hope that this website will serve as a platform for the free expression of critical and dissenting viewpoints on Singaporean politics. If you would like to contribute to our blog (anonymously or otherwise), please send an email to

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All power to the people.